Kamasutra Sex Positions Guide App Reviews

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Very simple app, dont worth the money


Super Sache


In Ordnung

Mini me 69

Gives you the basic info like other apps needs more detailed graphics

Tasteful and helpful

Nice app

Add a little spice try some of these positions!



Well done

Lots of excellent ideas!

Excellent app. And has nice pictures and a classy look to it.


Disappointed. Need Internet connection to use app. Even with still not worth paying for.


The best of the best

Beautiful style

Clear with a very nice look!

Very cool

Great App

Very nice!

Great-looking app. Nice graphics and smooth interface.

Imagination Tweeks

Awesome and simple to use. Great content and excellent detail for positions. The app is put together well and offers a stimulating experience. Truly make for some extra excitement!! Get the App. Play Safe

Tastefully Done

Nice graphics. Responsive. Easy to use.

Great App

Great Ideas I never think of at the time. My wife is going to be very happy!!!

Nice app

Many good positions

Great app

Very visual

Tons of fun

This app can really help your sex life. Helps to keep things exciting!


Fun, simple, and provocative. Whats not to like.

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